Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Kate + Plate 

Dezeen, a designy design blog notes this recent commission of several designers to come up with a contemporary take on the Royal Wedding Souvenir Plate with A Very Modern Royal Wedding by KK Outlet

Well. That didn't take long. I know that there is an entire industry standing by to create the usual crap, still I admire the speed at which there was a counter strike from some collection of designers. Well done. I don't think anyone could explain why most people (oh hell, I'll just say it: "Old Women") want the same souvenirs their mothers had but I'm glad someone could produce something different.

My only comment would be, these plate designs are all so witty/ironic/clever/. Would it really kill you to design a lovely plate your gran would want. I mean, think of all the sweaters she knit for you. Sure, you may have hated the one with the reindeer, but I'm guessing you wore the simple flecked gray "fisherman's" style sweater throughout high school and maybe some sweet chicky or guy coveted it and loved the way you wore it. Maybe it even got you laid.

So, for God's sake designers. Make a contemporary souvenir plate your Gran would love. Doesn't she deserve it?

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