Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This Lamp is Bugging Me

Image of Excel Floor Lamp via

I keep seeing this brilliant floor lamp from the American (which surprises me) design trio named Rich Brilliant Willing.

I mean, how does it not fall down? Maybe it does. Maybe people prop it up against a wall. Maybe it is perfectly stable. In which case I must have one. Unfortunately, though being produced by Roll & Hill of New York it is still out of my reach (there are 1800 reasons but that's beside the point).

If I cannot procure one, I propose to make one. From within the comfy confines of local hardware stores, IKEA and my imagination I propose the following:

Note that the third image is an Alvin Lustig design which I have always thought as the most graceful solution for a floor lamp as a reading lamp, so there you have it, I'm trying the design trifecta of a 2-for-1 (there is no 3-for-1 design trifecta, that would be like a Swiss Army Knife or a Leatherman Multi-tool thing which are wonderful but not more "engineery" than "designy")

I will keep any one who cares apprised of my successful and/or failures.



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