Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hammock Manifesto

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There's no greater reminder that you're in the heart of summer in the city than the arrival of Caribana. Apparently, Caribana goes back to the slave days, when slaves received just one day off in the entire year. In that one day, I guess they partied like it was, well, their only day of freedom. Despite the music, the dancing, the food and the general bonhomie, I'm a West end resident who innately hates crowds, so I may flee to the East end of town or out of town altogether. Either way, come Friday I'm fleeing my desk for a nice midsummer break. This coming long weekend (Simcoe Day for those in Ontario) affords me the chance to take a 9 day holiday while only taking 4 days from my paid leave. That's some sweet math right there. What would summer be without a little time to do absolutely nothing.

I actually won't be doing "nothing". Just, practically nothing. Mike is coming for a visit and we're going to head to Chicago for a few days and just kick around for a bit. Last year, I took over a month off and accomplished nothing. This year I hope to do even less in just a quarter of the time. It'll be hard doing nothing. It will take hard work and dedication to allow my exercise-hardened body to atrophy to the shape of a melted candle1 but I have a feeling that I can do it. Or not. That's the thing with doin' nuthin', you can take it or leave it, do it or not. It's up to you. It's your time. It's your place. Make it not happen and don't do anything at all. Sounds like some kind of plan. Like a Hammock Manifesto.

Footnote: Bobby Lee of MadTV states a fellow cast member refers to him as having a body "like a melted candle". Confirmation required.

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