Saturday, July 03, 2010

Seen in June

image: movie still
Still from The Secrets in Their Eyes from The A.V. Club

The Secrets in Their Eyes
Argentinian police mystery & story of unrequited love, missed
opportunity, and coming to terms with regret.

Double Indemnity
Classic film noir based on a true story of insurance fraud. Fred
Mcmurray was tough to accept as the hard done by dupe but not even
Barbara Stanwyck or Edgar G. Robinson's better performances can save
this film from dud dialogue and very weak supporting players.

Damages Season 3
More intrigue, deception and red herrings. Entertaining turns by
Martin Short, Lily Tomlin, Campbell Scott, and of course, Glenn Close.
The writing is as usual expert but I don't like some of the tricks and
misdirection of the directing and editing.

Temple Grandin
Stellar and believable performance by Claire Danes as the famous
autistic animal behaviorist and abbatoire designer, Temple Grandin.
One of the few bio-pics that doesn't fall into cliché or Hallmark
moments as it focuses on Grandin's education and early breakthroughs.

Crazy Heart
This film might not be up to the standards of similar themed movies
like Tender Mercies or Lonesome Dove but Jeff Bridges' performance
alone is worth the price of admission.

The New Orleans bases series finished after 10 episodes and left us
wanting more.

Nurse Jackie
Another well scripted/acted/directed cable series. Edie Falco stars as
the über-competent but complicated, pain pill popping Nurse Jackie.
Jackie is in complete control of her work life and her home life
except that they are essentially two entirely different lives. Strange
balance of comedy and drama keeps the tension brewing.

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