Friday, April 30, 2010

No App For That

I am lost. I cannot find my way. I don't know the weather. I can't talk. I can't write. RIP iPhone. Out of warranty and dead. Corrupted hard drive. Done. I don't get it. It was working so well. Excellent battery life, it could go for days. Oh the times we had. Sigh.

We'd talk and talk. I'd hold it almost as a talisman. It was so re-assuringly smooth. It's weight was just right. The weight of quality. And so quick. Rather than fire up a computer I could check e-mail, the weather, the scores, and maybe even find out what that song was in that ad I just saw, all on my phone.

Listen to me? I sound like one of those Apple ads. Except, one day I picked up my iPhone, it had died, it was out of warranty and Apple could not, would not help me, and I miss my phone. There's no app for that, unless of course, I buy a new iPhone. Ouch.


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