Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Le Retour d'Armstrong

Now that I've finally calmed down from this morning's ride / tirade, I can go back to obsessively following the Tour de France. In fact, it's some relief that the World Cup has ended as my attention to work was beginning to strain.

It certainly complicates any problem of focus you might have that these events all take place during the work day. Whether you stream video to your phone or through a Web browser, or follow the HTC-Columbia's live data stream on Google Maps, your attention is stretched to the limits of human neurophysiology. How would people normally follow these events without the Internet? Traditionally, I mean. Would you actually take days off and watch it on television or listen on radio? Who are all those people who line the route or attend matches? Students? The unemployed?

It never ceases to amaze me that some folks can be that devoted to a sporting event and yet it doesn't interfere with their normal workaday lives. Or at least, I assume it doesn't. Perhaps they're all divorced alcoholics with emotional issues. Or maybe they're just to simple to bother being concerned.



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