Sunday, July 04, 2010

We Gave

image from Mubi

Tonight we walked to the local theatre to catch Please Give (2010). It gives me a lot of pleasure just to say that we "walked" to a "local theatre". It's even better if you like the movie. Amusing, intimate, affecting but also ambivalent, Please Give is a story of a New York couple who buy furniture of the recently deceased to resell for considerable profit in their fashionable mid-century Modern furniture shop. Are we too wrapped up in our lives to see what matters? Do we worry too much about the sadness in the world to enjoy our lives? Who's to say, but those are some of the questions you're confronted with in this film.

Given the heat in T.O. this weekend it's always nice to seek some public A/C in a movie house. Judging from the forecast we might see a lot of movies this week.

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