Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Sprinter

Spring + Winter. I guess it could also be Wing (Winter + Spring). Still we must carry on, right, right! Carry on is what I'll attempt to do.

I've had an awful time this weekend with this blog1. That sounds worse than it is. The service I use to post to this site (longer than saying "Blog Service" I know, but sounds less like some kind of cultish escort/enema practice) changed the way they update their sites. Instead of ye olde fashioned FTP, they asked everyone to switch to their hosted service and just re-direct your domains to them. Sounds simple, and in fairness, posting and managing the site this way is much faster (compare 10-15 minutes to 10-15 seconds especially for sites with over seven years of posts and hundreds of pages. Ie. this one).

Redirecting sounds simple but it just ain't. I suppose the thing is if you redirect something to essentially itself, stars collapse and universes collide. Not to mention that my RSS feeds are not entirely RSS'd up! I'm not sure I've fixed it or if I ever will, but it has motivated me to move this thing entirely to a site of my own making and with that, take responsibility for the software and not rely on a service that may change to "better suit your needs".

FN1. "Blog" is such an awful septic sounding word. Web + Log doesn't equal "Blog" does it? I know it's supposed to be short for "Weblog" but why shorten it? Or why even give it a moniker. It's not even an online journal anymore, it's just a Web site that is updated regularly. Can't we do away with this awkward techie-invented phrase. The people who came up with this word actually suck at coming up with words. I don't suppose it ever occurred to them to not invent an ugly word or to just say online journal or personal site or I don't know "Web Journal = webjo". Well, that's not any better so I'll just refrain from calling it anything.

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