Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the Mend... Again

This is just a very brief update to say that 18 days after my Bleo treatment, I've officially finished the second course of steroids but I'm still working on the second batch of anti-biotics. My tongue has improved a lot in the last 24 hours and now sort of just feels bad. Imagine you have burned your tongue, oh and on top of the burns are cankers. Which is what constitutes as an improvement in these parts. Other symptoms still persist. I'm pretty sure I still have some minor infection of the tonsils as my throat is still sore, my tonsils are sore and I still have an ear ache. Unfortunately that may mean another week of discomfort and anti-biotics. It kept me from playing hockey tonight and will keep me from going to the pool for awhile. It seems I'm always sick or recovering during the Olympics.

Ontario today had a "Family Day" holiday, which is odd and I'm still not used to it but I'm glad I had a Monday to sleep in as I think it helped a lot. I spent the day working on a personal project, watching the men's downhill and putting a blind back up in the living room. I'm sure I'll be slowly returning to "normal" this week and hopefully I'll be fully mended in time for a birthday meal of disgusting proportions. I'm already planning the menu. It's going to be like Noah's Ark. Two of every animal shall march through a dipping sauce and step directly on to my hand-built 300 cubit-long barbecue! I'm calling it Pete's Great Eat Meat-apolooza!



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