Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eat. Run. Swim. Sleep.

I just spent ten minutes on the bike. A mere ten minutes. It was still a significant achievement. That's because yesterday I ran 3.2 Km in 19 minutes. Not great numbers. Then I swam 700 m in 25 minutes. More not great numbers. Then I went 3.4 Km in 15 minutes – on the street car. The original plan was to run to the pool, take a quick dip and run home, then maybe do a 15-20 minute cool down on the bike. I left the pool and knew I was a beaten man. I dragged myself to the nearest street car stop and crawled up the steps and sat sullenly until my stop. Not a pretty picture. A guy suited up for a run sitting quietly on a street car. "Don't worry folks, I'm wearing a GPS unit… just trying to pad my stats."

Which is actually why I decided to go for such a run in the first place. Obviously, I like gadgets and I like to keep active so when Mike gave me a watch that is paired with a sensor that goes in your shoe I had to try it. When I then discovered it tracks , maps and records your runs and you can even post your times I thought "this is great". Of course, you have to use it, which is proving more difficult.

Today I could barely walk. Really. Aerobically the run was fine, but my thighs are on fire - over 24hrs later. It feels like they were injected with some kind of weird hot Novacaine. I was locking up my knees to keep standing and grabbing hand rails going up and down stairs. I passed on playing hockey tonight so I could spend ten minutes on the bike. Ten minutes that loosened up my legs enough that I just may be able to stand tomorrow.

By the way, please note that at 8:58 PM EST January 18, 2010 the last crumb of Mom's Christmas Cake Shipment (pound cake + cherry cake) was consumed. The winter blahs have officially begun. 

…and on a Monday no less!



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