Sunday, January 03, 2010

Seen in December

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Not a great movie month but more of a TV month mostly because we spent so much time watching Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7 & Mad Men Season 3. Most of my Christmas picks were rented and the ones I managed to get were generally dreary European downers still here's what I saw in December.

5th - 2012
Too many fake endings can make a man crave the real one. Spectacular effects but proves that, as a rule, actors are only as good as their material and the acting wasn't that good.

13th- Fantastic Mr. Fox
The affected lo-fi approach may not win over professional animators but a lot of people loved the throw-back style. This film is the only recent one still in my head. Whether for the art direction, acting, music and all the magical moments, this might be one of my favourite films of the year. Reminded me of an old BBC version of Wind in the Willows. For once, the script and Anderson's style meshed perfectly.

25th - A Christmas Tale
I don't get the French and I really question why such a simple story full of inconsistent artifice is considered "genius". It was alright but nothing to write the academy about.

26th - The Wild One
They should've called this one The Mild One. It's a B-movie at best. Second Rate.

28th - the French Connection 2
Another disapointment. None of the pace or grit of the first French Connection. Gene Hackman revives Popeye Doyle but the direction and music anethetize the audience. Some interesting hand held POV shots that look almost like Super-8 but otherwise a dud.

29th - On the Waterfront
A great American film. Great script, acting, directing and score.

30th - The King of Comedy
Highly under rated Scorsese comedy with excellent performances from De Niro, Sandra Bernhard and yes, Jerry Lewis. Foreshadowed our obsession with celebrity and instant, undeserved fame.



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