Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seen in February

image via The Auteurs

02 - A Streetcar Named Desire
A classic American melo-drama. These characters are not stereotypes,
they are archetypes. Great performances.

05 - Cold Souls
Paul Giamatti plays an actor who decides to have his tortured soul removed and put in storage while he performs Uncle Vanya using a rented Russian soul. Best moment: Giamatti, without his soul, rehearses Uncle Vanya while channeling William Shatner. A great premise sort of fades to fuzzy blues and grays.

06 - Extract
Mike Judge's misdirected comedy should've been gold but instead is all
over the place and never comes together. Too bad because there are
some funny moments.

07 - Departures
Moving Japanese film about a man who returns to his home town and
takes a non-traditional job which helps him confront his past.

08 - Sugar
Authentic, personal, intimate and understated portrait of a Dominician
baseball player following his dreams of making it to the Big Game
until... Not your usual Field of Dreams.

20 - Funny People
Meh. Not a bad film. Pretty close to my tolerance level for penis jokes. Sandler proves he can be better with better material. Overly long — the movie, I mean, not anyone's penis. By "anyone" I mean Seth Rogen. By "penis" I mean, dick.



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