Friday, April 03, 2009

LAB Mixtapes: Episode 9

Growing up in Canada, the music of Gordon Lightfoot was as ubiquitous as the Hockey Night in Canada Theme or the Hinterland's Who's Who intro. Along with Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Ian and Sylvia Tyson, and Joni Mitchel his songs form a canon of Canadiana. Some 30 years after the release of "Sundown" you can still hear his influence in bands like Elliot Brood and The Great Lake Swimmers.

Enjoy with a glass of Canadian Rye and a piece of maple-flavored fudge.

Episode 9.
Runs 10:17 mins

Links below will launch the iTunes Music Store.
1. Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot
2. Oh Alberta - Elliot Brood
3. When it Flows - The Great Lake Swimmers

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