Friday, March 27, 2009

LAB Mixtapes: Episode 8

I'm being a little lazy this week1. Each of these tracks make regular appearances on several CBC Radio3 Podcasts so really I'm just passing along what I've heard.

I honestly don't have much interest in the sort of macho and misogynistic offerings of Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dog or Fifty Cent. Yet, in the cold climes of Canada we've developed a different, smarter and more upbeat urban sound. Artists like Cadence Weapon, Shad, K'Naan, and Buck65 have developed and cultivated a kind of indie Hip Hop you don't hear often enough from terrestrial radio. Their arrangements and samples are inventive and their lyrics are witty and smart. Please enjoy this gun and ho-free Hip Hop.

Episode 8
Runs 11:20 mins

Links below will launch the iTunes Music Store.
1. In Search of the Youth Crew - Cadence Weapon
2. The Old Prince Still Lives at Home - Shad
3. Rocketship - Mood Ruff

1. This, of course assumes that I am otherwise typically industrious which would be inaccurate. I will also take this opportunity to apologize for the poor quality of this podcast as some rather over zealous compression led to excessive fuzz and distortion.
*Re-recording would probably have corrected this. See FN1.

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