Monday, March 09, 2009

The Films of February

Only saw five films in February? That doesn't seem quite right. Then
again I think we rented a couple that we didn't watch - there's $9
I'll never see again.

Seen in February

Feb 7th: Rocknrolla
Feb 12th: La Promesse
Feb 15th: 84 Charing Cross Road
Feb 19th: Belly of an Architect
Feb 27th: Beauty and the Beast (1946)

Quickly noted, "Rocknrolla" is very similar to any other Guy Ritchie film — so yes, recommended. "La Promesse" is a sometimes hard to watch Belgian story - also recommended. "84 Charing Cross Road" - charming tale (I think it may have inspired "You've Got Mail") noteworthy for Ann Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins but do you really need to see Tony in another tale of unrequited love? I didn't think so. "Belly of an Architect" is just one of those Peter Greenaway flicks I've always wanted to see. Brian Dennehey doesn't seem at all like a Greenaway kind of actor but is pretty great in this. "Beauty and the Beast" is one of Criterion's "Art House Essentials" so I had to see it if I wanted to continue to be a big fat film snob. Done.



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