Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Resolution Will be Revised 

I've been avoiding the pool for the last couple of days. In the early, dark, cold days of January, places like gyms, community centres and swimming pools are clogged with the bodies of well-meaning "Resolutionists". Plus, I sorta need some new swimming knickerbockers - where in this city does one buy their swimming knickers? Instead, I've been riding the bike (luckily, my jodhpurs are fine and so are my riding shorts - hiii-yooo!). The urge to get in shape and fast isn't new, check out this clip from 1957 from CBCs "Assignment":
The following program contains disturbing scenes and vulgar language. Viewer discretion is advised.*

Click here to listen

*Has anyone else noticed the over use of the "Viewer Advisory" - I mean if you're watching TV at 1AM the only advisory you really need is "Staying up late makes it hard to get up. Viewer discretion is advised." or "Why aren't you in bed? This is going to totally screw up your circadian rhythm. Viewer discretion is advised." or "If you're offended by this cartoon you should probably move to a cave on Mars because you'll see and hear a whole lot worse on the bus tomorrow. Viewer discretion is advised." or "This advisory is a way for us to cover our butt so we can show whatever the Hell we want so suck on it. Viewer discretion is advised."

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