Sunday, February 16, 2003

Sushi In the Mouth of the Wolf

This week has gone by so fast that I guess it reminded me that a lot of weeks have gone by pretty fast. Last weekend we made a special meal of sushi from the kit that Chris and Therese sent us. We made out alright (though we "super-sized" some of the rolls) so we'll have to try it again and see how we make out. But it did make me realise that I don't think I officially thanked anyone for all the great stuff everyone sent us. So here it is...the official thanks page. The shirt Mom and Dad gave me, I've worn a few times (I wore it Christmas Day) though it's been pretty cold for such a thin shirt. The sweater Dave and Janice sent, I've worn almost constantly. Thank God, you guys sent gloves to Angela, I don't think she would've gone to get ones that nice on her own. I am blessed with a love who cares little for shopping, but that does mean, she rarely treats herself to toasty gloves. I've taken to having Mike's super tiny flashlight by the bed side for emergencies or just so midnight bathroom trips have fewer trips. ....and the sushi kit. Sushi is one of those things that makes you think, "I bet I could make this at home" and then realise the error of your ways. But having dutifully followed the "kit" I think we'll be brave enough to try it on our own next time. "Kitless" as it were.
The only other news is that I was short listed for the Random House Canada Student Award in Writing for my short story In the Mouth of the Wolf. As part of the award ceremony, all of the nominees (there were twelve including the winner) have been asked to read their piece. So I'll clear my throat with a jigger of scotch and do my best. Which brings me to the question of why is it that Mom has had two bits read on the radio and I've yet to see a single comma? I'm sure having a busy retired life is grand and fulfilling and all but I don't think you're too busy to stuff a piece of paper in the post are you? You may consider this my last correspondence until I see some action on this front. Perhaps, Angela will intervene. She went to the Peace Rally on Saturday and took some great photos. I didn't go because, firstly, I don't like crowds, and secondly, I don't like biting cold weather.

Sushi, I may love, but Steak and Chips is still my favorite. I thought as long as I'm showing the Gallery of Unregrettable Food, I may as well include this meal of steak, rapini, chips and roasted peppers. The dark red sauce on the steak is actually a Mexican chocolate and chili pepper sauce (molé sauce, pronounced mole-lay - apparently, for hundreds of years, no one had refined sugar to add to cocoa, so it was used as a savory spice), combined with sun-dried tomatoes, and roasted red peppers and topped with a sliver of Parmesan cheese. The sauce on the potatoes is cranberry chutney. Not only was this the best meal I've made for myself in ages but the really amazing thing is that it was made all from leftovers that we had in the fridge. It went well with an Ambroise Pale Ale too.



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