Tuesday, January 21, 2003

So for all of you who think it's absolutely balmy in San Francisco - think again. But it's still warmer than Toronto and there's less snow than St.John's. It's more like Vancouver at the moment.
I'm in San Fran until Friday, for work. When I got here, Oakland was cleaning up from the rioting after the Raiders won their big game to get into the Superbowl, so I'm pretty glad I'm on the opposite side of the Bay. Apparently, more avocados are consumed on SuperBowl Sunday than any other day of the year - all in the form of guacamole and nachos. Speaking of which, I had a Californian Breakfast treat this morning - The Breakfast Burrito - scrambled eggs, potatoes, ham, cheese and guacamole all wrapped in a big flat bread. Didn't have to eat for the rest of the day. The last couple of days have been really pretty dull. I find myself just sitting there, zoning out, thinking "do I really work for this company? Is this what I do for a living?" I guess so, because, here I am. No sight seeing on this trip though, I might try to slip out tomorrow at lunch to see the Cartoon Museum. I'm not really sure what day it is. Tuesday. I think. I go back on Friday but I leave in the morning so it really only gives me an extra night in San Fran. I'll probably end up working. It'll be crunch time and deadlines when I get back.

Saturday, we plan on having some friends over like Dave and Rebecca (pictured here in Manchester) and a few other friends from Angela's class. I guess I can call them former classmates now. Believe me it's still a relief. This meal we're having Saturday is to fight the January Blues. We've left up the Christmas lights especially for the occassion. I'll have to send out a photo of the apartment decorated for Christmas. It was pretty nice. So I have a nice meal and some friends to look forward to when I get home.

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