Tuesday, January 07, 2003

This is the first in what I hope will be a regular thing. Posting to a central place rather than an e-mail may seem slightly impersonal but I just thought I would try it and see how it works.
This week has been all about back to work for me and about looking for work for Angela. Let's just say, she's weighing her options. We've officially started looking for another apartment. We figured if we waited until we were going to buy a place we would go nuts. The current apartment is cosy. By cosy, of course, I mean it's like one of those 1 ft x 1 ft x 1ft acrylic boxes that contortionists squeeze into at freak shows or on shows like "That's Incredible". At any rate, we're looking for something a little bigger/ better/ higher/ faster/ stronger...that's right - this is the Olympics of Apartment hunting and we want Gold!
In some desparate attempt to prolong that Holiday feeling we've been seeing a lot of films lately. We Rented Human Nature on Saturday, which is very funny;
basically it's the story of a guy raised in the woods who is discovered by a scientist who tries to teach him table manners. Then we saw Gangs of New York which is sort of a long, sprawling, unfocused movie held together with editor's splicing tape and Daniel Day-Lewis. It's kind of like Age of Innocence plus Escape from New York or something. Can't really recommend it. Last night we saw, Spirited Away, a Japanese animated film. If it didn't make it to the theatres in St.John's or Canmore, I'm sure it will be in Blockbuster soon (Disney is the North American distributor). It's incredibly imaginative and beautifully told. It's really pretty amazing. The story is about a girl who has slipped into the spirit world. The director has said it's a story for anyone who has ever been 10 years old, or anyone who is going to be 10 years old.


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