Tuesday, February 11, 2003

This weekend we did a lot of things but still left a lot, undone. Friday night we went with a friend to see the movie "Chicago" which was a lot of fun that left us humming the tunes and tapping our feet. Saturday, Angela was running around helping someone out but I just stayed at home and worked on a personal project: Laundry. I ended up not leaving the house which was in contrast to last Saturday when I got new tires for the car and generally did a lot of running around. Sunday we got up late, took our time having breakfast, then went to the Powerplant Art Gallery to see an exhibit of Maoist propaganda art (if you can't see the article below, then follow this link). There was another exhibit that was a lot of fun called Lee Bul: Live Forever (the image below is from the show). The fun part was you got into these pods, shown at right, and selected a song and performed Karoke right there in the art piece. I picked "Creep" by Radiohead and Angela picked, Neil Young's "Heart of Gold".
After the exhibit we, had to hike a bit to find a place for a coffee, and then we walked up Spadina. By the time we got home we were chilled right to the bone as we picked the coldest day so far this winter to go for a jaunt. By Monday, we realised we hadn't done any work on our Java course so it means putting in extra time to get ready for the class. That's about it for us. Our only other news is that Angela started a short term job on Monday (at Giannone Assoc) and I finally finished the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, so now I've started reading the Quest for the Holy Grail 'cause I figured Tolkien probably borrowed pretty heavily from it. That's all from us, drop us a line when you have a chance.

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