Tuesday, December 08, 2015

St. John's Offset 

This is supposed to be a shot of St. John's Harbour at 7 PM local time. There's no way this is right but it must be at least from today given the snow on the hills and roofs.

It's pitch black by 5:30 pm here in Toronto (or earlier). By that time it's 7:00 pm in St. John's but apparently my little Webcam view from the Rooms overlooking the harbour is clearly not showing a live view. Instead it seems to be showing a view from sometime in the late afternoon. I don't know how often it updates but it definitely isn't every two minutes. Lately I've fallen into a bad habit of not going to bed until around 1:30 AM (every night I say I'm going to bed earlier then don't). That's 90 minutes later than I'd usually hit the hay. I'm offset by 90 minutes. Maybe if I just set my watch to Newfoundland Standard Time I could still go to bed by 1:30 AM and actually be in the land of nod at a decent Ontario time? Or not. My body knows and I'm always going to be off by 90 minutes.

I've had this problem since the clocks changed almost a month ago. I hate Daylight Savings Time and if I ever had the power to abolish it, I would. Until then I'll just have to claw my way back to a decent night's sleep.



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