Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Quarterly Sextodecimo: Golden Mean 

The Quarterly Sextodecimo is a 16 song playlist posted four times a year.
The Quarterly Sextodecimo, vol.1, March 2013

This list started as my favourite film music but morphed into, "what tracks would I use in a film" - if I were making a movie that would somehow be a cross of North by Northwest, The Big Lebowski, Manhattan and oh I don't know, Snatch, maybe.

Golden Mean by Peter Rogers on Grooveshark Hear the music. Read the playlist.
“Every time I hear it, I win the war/Stanley Cup/Grey Cup/Gold Medal all at the same time.”
Short Ride in a Fast Machine
San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas Adams
It may be a short ride, but it's a wild oneā€¦ speaking of which, this piece reminded me so much of North by Northwest I immediately purchased that album too.

The Wild Ride
Bernard Herrmann
Speaking of which, Herrmann's score is so unique and identifiable that many other contemporary film scores sound like royalty free stock music.

Koyannisqatsi: Vessels
Philip Glass
Have I said Philip Glass music makes me feel smarter? It does. Plus, it's great music to ride, run or write to.

Pergolesi: Stabat Mater- Stabat Mater Dolorosa
Happy Easter! For a moment there I thought about all the nice art Christians made. Quick before I think of something awful.

Time Lapse
Michael Nyman
Mr. Nyman took the same maths class as Mr. Glass, and it was taught by Mr. Herrmann, I assume?

Overture to the Force of Destiny
I love the title of this piece and the fact that there's a bit that inspired the theme to the Godfather. I think "Overture to the Force of Destiny" would be a pretty good movie.

Twisted Nerve
Bernard Herrmann
This fits here. (originally wanted The Pad & Pencil)

Je the Veux
Erik Satie
No, you are not in a spa waiting for your hot rocks. You are listening to music become modern (and there's a waltz in there too so, you know, feel free to dance around with a broom or something)

Partir, par terre
The Dears
I think The Dears are just waiting for someone like Cronenberg to ask them to do the score to his next film.

You and Me
Wynton Marsalis
I just remembered I like some of Wynton Marsalis' compositions.

Drunk Trumpet
Kid Koala
Jazz on the turntable (though not the version of this track I wanted to put here which is from a CBC Sessions recording).

Holy F**k
This is an ode to Nova Scotia's greatest fashion house. The famous second hand thrift store.

High Places
At times this aimless track wanders into going nowhere then saunters through a deep glowing forest thick with wet dripping from the tree branches.

I feel like this track should be in a Spaghetti Western set in Tokyo. Wait? Was that Kill Bill? This should've been in Kill Bill.

Hard to hear this track without picking up my phone. It's been my ringtone for the last three years. Was that the phone? Probably. Just let it go to voice mail.

If you are planning a dramatic entrance to an auditorium for your self-help talk, then this is your "anticipation building" theme. Enter at climax. Yes, I know exactly how that sounds.

Bonus Track
Lovely Allen
Holy F**k
I probably should've dropped one of the loser tracks above to make room for this one but screw it. My site. My rules. Most. Epic. Track. Ever. Hearing it live gave me all kinds of quivers. Every time I hear it, I win the war/Stanley Cup/Grey Cup/Gold Medal all at the same time.

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