Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meat Sweats

I've been travelling this week for work and staying in Leicester Square so I've been eating exclusively Asian food for the last few days. But tonight, tonight is all about meat as a group of us from the office will be eating at Gaucho, London. The odd thing is, I'm 99% sure, I ate here a couple of years ago. My memory, fogged by pints of beer, is a little unreliable, but judging by Google Street View this is the same place. I'll only know for sure once I step inside. Unfortunately, Street View doesn't go inside restaurants.

UPDATE: Gaucho is definitely in the neighbourhood of a consultant's office (which was very close by) but this was definitely not the same place. All the cuts they offered were first shown then explained and an assortment of sides were brought with the mains. Great place and we had a great time.

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