Saturday, November 24, 2012

Je refuse! 

"Je refuse! Je refuse de changer!"

Is what I might have said in revolutionary France. Yet I am neither French (thankfully), nor revolutionary. I am just a man who does not see the curious logic of Daylight Savings Time. There is no more or less daylight because you have moved hands on a clock. The only thing that has changed are the hands on the clock.

The only result I ever experience from Daylight Savings Time is a messed up sleep schedule. Let's be clear, I've been messing up my own sleep schedule for years. Twice a year, that messed up schedule gets even more messed up when the clocks bounce ahead or back by an hour.

What if I'm happy with my rhythm? Why should I be forced to change? My company allows me the flexibility to work when I prefer – within reason, of course and where I prefer. In fact they encourage people working from home.

I work with people in four different time zones. I live near a 24 hour grocery store. I may not be energy self-sufficient but I am time self-sufficient. Is there any reason on Earth to follow these inane rules? No. Armed only with a dual-time watch I will endeavour to stay in my time zone while tracking EST so as not to miss meetings or television shows, etc.
“Who knows what worlds await on the other side of the interpersonal time line.”
This year, I didn't switch back. Instead, I switched my Dual Time display on my watch so the smaller secondary display is Toronto Eastern Standard Time and the primary display is Peter Mean Time – the unchanged Daylight Savings Time. I also did not change my alarm clock. I am currently in Day 19 of this experiment (I've tried before and never got past Monday). I'm sleeping as well as I ever have and I get into work bright and early. Even better, I get home early. Calling Newfoundland is even easier. The add 30 minutes math just seems simpler. I haven't missed anything. In fact, I'm an hour early for everything. Which is great. I don't rush flustered anywhere, I arrive composed and orderly. In short, I'm no longer in a duel with time.

Despite this success, it will come to a screeching halt. As you read this I'm flying to the UK for work. Firstly, I had to catch a flight. Secondly, I'll have to set my watch to local time, and I'll have to co-ordinate and synchronize with several colleagues.

To my own personal time zone, I bid adieu, for now. It has crossed my mind to completely ignore the current time zone I'm in and when I wake up, set my watch to be 7 AM. I'll go to bed at midnight and be none the wiser. Who knows what worlds await on the other side of the interpersonal time line.



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