Friday, November 23, 2012

…And Also This 

Bruce McCulloch with an open letter to the guy who stole his bike wheel.

What did you think? I would ride home and not notice? What are you? Some sort of Prick?!

Oh, as I walked the eight kilometres home two weeks ago, in my head, I ran over and over my speech to the guy who had stolen my bike. It was cathartic or whatever. I think I needed an hour long walk full of cussing and bluster to get the rage out of my system just so my skin wouldn't erupt in blisters and boils from repressed stress.

My poor Langster. Forever gone. I think Bruce McCulloch sums it; "Well, why'd you do it? Are you some sort of jerk or something?" So for now, I'm back to riding, what Mom would call, my "Sit-up and Beg" model.

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