Sunday, December 05, 2010

Mica from the Sky 

The First Snow, Canon 7D from Reid Carrescia on Vimeo.

The cold of December has moved in this week and with it there have been a few brief moments of snow. This morning was especially lovely. Mica-like crystals formed and sparkled in the sunlight right before your eyes. Like the video above, I was reminded just how beautiful the first snow can be. Later, I had a chance to go for a run and even though I hadn't done anything for a couple weeks the run was surprisingly easy. It was a temperature range when it's cool enough to exercise but still warm enough not to freeze yourself.

It turned out to be a pretty good weekend. I finished a project, finally found a pair of eye glasses I liked, baked some bread, had a run, hit the bike, the Leafs won (albeit in a shoot-out), saw a couple of good movies (The American, Starting Out in the Evening) and tonight made a mushroom risotto and a flank steak broil. Good times. Good times.

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