Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanks to Matt for the great game at the ACC tonight. A bit of luck landed me in a seat watching my second Leafs game in four days. Nothing for what? Seven years? Then twice in less than a week.

Of course, after a few minutes of play and the Leafs down 3-0 to the Nashville Predators it didn't look like it was going to be much of a game. Then they went down 4-1. For awhile it seemed like the best part of the game would be the between period shenanigans involving young women in short skirts being hurled like human bowling balls over the ice. You're already thinking it's game over. It would be easy to think so. I've never known the Leafs to be a big come back team so who would blame us to think it was going to be long night. Yet what a night it was - 12 minutes of penalties for the Preds later and the Leafs have tied it up - then they have a perfectly good goal called back and they still have enough old time gettup and go to find the go ahead goal. A win. 5-4, after being down 4-1. A thing of beauty on a horrible night.

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