Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Feel Special 

Specialized Tricross Comp

About two weeks ago, I got off the couch, drove to Gears bike shop in Mississauga and walked out with the best bike I've ever owned. Well, certainly the most expensive. How did it come to this? Riding a fairly cheap 80s Bianchi 10-speed is what. That bike is still fun to ride, but not comfortable. Plus, I was just tired of seeing tubby guys pass me on a much better bike. You know what? It really was the bike. This bike could still be faster (I've really got to ditch the wide 32 wheels and switch to 23s or 25s which will make a difference). Now I've got 20 speeds with shifters on the brake levers. It is a smooth ride, but not without some bumps. Like I said, I have to change to a more narrow tire, add a bike computer and it looks like I'll have to change the quick release rear axle thingy (is that the "dropout"?) because it doesn't seem to fit in my trainer.

Still, no excuses now. Just get out there and ride.

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