Friday, September 03, 2010

Riding the Rails to MTL

I think I knew this already but the elegance of rail travel has long since passed in this country. From the incredible cost to the inane boarding procedures and the spotty schedule, it's a wonder Via Rail still exists. Let's not discuss how slow the train travels, the loose rattling sound of disrepair I've put up with for 5 hours (or that we still have another hour to go), the busted bathroom or the outdated "snack cart". Via Rail could use an entire overhaul. There's really no reason not to just take Porter Air. The cost is comparable, the trip shorter and the service is better. According to Porter, flying their small aircraft is also greener but I'll leave that up for debate. Yet, I'm still looking forward to seeing Montreal, seeing our friends, and being faaaaaar away from the Air Show in Toronto. I'm also grateful for NOT working on the house as it has been my unfortunate tradition for the last several years to actually labour on Labour Day Weekend. Montreal, home to Habs, steams and Poutine - I embrace you. Don't disappoint me.



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