Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pop Life 

Since I've been working at this office, I've developed a bad habit (to add to my already long list of bad habits). For our convenience, there's a vending machine here that offers cans of cola for 25 cents. That's like 1970's prices. Typically, I'll buy the "Diet" variety that uses a sugar substitute but a lot of the same ingredients are present in the diet version as in the regular soft drinks such as sodium benzoate, phosphoric acid, high fructose corn syrup (which the Minute Maid Orange Juice and Five-Alive "juice" drinks have in abundance), and most ominously, bisphenyl-A (found in plastic bottles and the linings of the cans).

While some of the conclusions of this graphic take a Malcolm Gladwell-esque leap of logic (the osteoporosis link is a little weak given there's no strong correlation between soft drink consumption and the strong gender bias of osteoporosis) there are still enough reminders here to keep me away from Coke Classic for awhile. Here's to the water cooler.

After taking a closer look at this graphic (click on the graphic to enlarge) maybe try this home-made ginger ale recipe found at Best Made Projects.

Harmful Soda
Via: Term Life Insurance

It's interesting to note that this graphic is from a site promoting term life insurance. Term life insurance, wishing you a long a healthful life without pay-outs or claims against your policy.

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