Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pre-fab Shed!

Pre-fab Shed

It only took about 4 hours to assemble and was probably easier to put together than some IKEA furniture. This all-cedar shed with a sliding door is only 8' x 3' but it will now act as a fence between the yard and the lane way and be home to a couple of bikes, some rakes and shovels and other assorted yard tools. I may have to add some clever contraptions to get everything in there and there will have to be some seasonal adjustments but overall I'm pretty happy with finally getting my bike out of the kitchen. Next weekend: installing one of those dangling tennis balls to indicate just how close to park the car and I've already had a request to add some lighting. One of the unforeseen repercussions has been the shed blocks all of the light from the house at night making it a tiny bit like a back alley black hole. A touch of stain and some patio pavers in front of the door should do it. From nothing to a working shed over the course of a morning isn't bad at all in my books. I wish all home improvement projects were that simple.

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