Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Seen in August

1st - I Served the King of England
2nd - Breakfast on Pluto
3rd - Saxondale
4th - Saxondale
5th - Gomorrah
7th - Everything is Illuminated
8th - I Love You, Man
14th - District 9
20th - John Adams epi 1, 2
21st - Science is Fiction: 23 Films de Jean Painlevé
22nd - Breaking Bad - epi. 06, 07
24th - John Adams epi. 06
25th - Inglorious Basterds
27th - John Adams epi. 07
28th - Coraline
29th - The Hangover
30tth - Body of Lies
31st - I Like To Kill Flies

Best movies of this bunch? Probably a toss up between Coraline and District 9. Both big surprises. Inglorious Basterds would be next. I gotta say, I was surprised by I Love You, Man and The Hangover. They won't change the world but you'll laugh (as long as you see it with other people). The other recommendation would be John Adams. Another great HBO series. It lagged at times (it covers fifty years in the life of a politician so of course it lagged at times) but in general it certainly brought those historical characters to life without too many "and this is the moment when he did A, B, C, and D". In that sense it avoided feeling like a bio-pic, probably because it was a seven-part mini-series.

I almost forgot Gomorrah, a small film about organized crime in Napoli. Makes the Sopranos look like school yard bullies, compared to the initiation carried out in so matter-of-factly in this film.



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