Saturday, August 22, 2009

LAB Mixtapes: Episode 19

For once, this opening music from Champion out of Montreal isn't just an intro, it's the first track in this mix. The Canadian music scene is a strangely fertile place for electronic artists who plug in, tune in and drop the needle in the most inventive ways. Even if you've never listened to DJ driven tracks before, such as those by The Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk, I hope you'll find something to like in this trio. I will say that the last track by Holy F**k powered me through an eighty kilometer bike ride and continues to be my "motivation" soundtrack.

Episode 19
Runs 11:38mins

Links below open the iTunes Music Store:
1. Sergio's Trio - Champion
2. Melody Day - Caribou
3. Lovely Allen - Holy F**k

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