Wednesday, September 26, 2007

yeeesshhh... recently I joined facebook for reasons not worth relating. While there, trying to understand the phenomenon, I joined the "St. John's, NL" Network and out of curiosity searched for "Prince of Wales Collegiate, class of 1986", the ol' alma mater. Let me say just this; "I've seen your Facebook page... and you've aged horribly."

Mind you, I'm no spring buck, but by God, I still have all me teeth, hair (and then some) and yes, I'm actually 10 pounds lighter than my last year of high school (which is still 10 pounds too much but don't interrupt me when I'm bragging). Perhaps there are benefits to not having children?

I still don't "get it". Why such a moderately useful site (if it is of any use at all) is worth $2 Billion dollars is beyond me. Let me write that out - Two Billion Dollars - that's $2,000,000,000 (I think? I've never actually had to write out a billion dollars). Oh wait, now it's $10 Billion.



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