Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Message to the Kids...
I just wasted 2 hours watching some exceptionally mundane television (I'm not even counting the 1/2 hour I nodded off). It wasn't the kind of television that wins awards or creates a buzz around the water cooler. In fact, it's probably the sort of television that if you said, "hey, did you see that show with the guy and the other guy who did that thing..." your fellow water cooler buffaloes would say, "Never heard of it. Sounds exceptionally mundane."

I'll tell you this. The Romans did a lot of screwing around but they never watched crappy television. Those Babylonians - the ones with the gardens - they never watched any lousy television. I'm guessing Bill Gates doesn't watch a lot of TV (if he did, he might realize what a crummy haircut he's been getting all these years).

To make a point, if you want to accomplish something in this life, watch better shows.



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