Sunday, September 03, 2017

Five Months Thirteen Days 

“almost perversely dull and benign”
For the last couple of years, I’ve endeavoured to maintain a kind of journal, an illustrated one that I keep for myself. Because it takes anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours to sketch, I don’t do entries every day but try to do two or three a week. It’s not full of super-secret stuff or anything. In fact, it is insanely and almost perversely dull and benign. Occasionally I give in to some jealous or despicable thought but for the most part it is entirely quotidian full of everyday minor moments that stick in my head. My prime reason for not sharing it is the comics tend to be poorly drawn or even if they are well drawn there’s always one panel that is terrible and would be too embarrassing to show anyone. I’m about to finish a sketch book, the fourth one I’ve done and they usually cover six to eight months. This one will wind up covering just over six months so I thumbed through it to try and find any patterns.

Over a five month period:
1 in 3 entries depict cycling
1 in 5 entries depict work
1 in 5 entries depict lying on a couch or in bed
1 in 6 entries depict eating or drinking
1 in 9 entries depict running
1 in 16 entries depict a dentist, doctor or hospital visit
1 in 20 entries depict back pain
1 in 20 entries depict headaches
1 in 41 entries depict death

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