Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The 2016 Absurdly Quotidian Omnibus 

It's been sent to the printers. The first batch is in the post. At 281 pages, the tenth annual Omnibus (previously The Almanac of General Knowledge) may be one of the longest ever. Here is a preview: warts, grammatical errors, mistypings and misgivings for all to see.

Most years, this tome of timely nothings, takes a leisurely two weeks to assemble (three weekends, with the two weeks in-between). Each time I do it feels more like the end. For some reason I always finish with the Film section and usually have the TV on in the background (which may explain the typos) and a bowl of roasted chestnuts, or some chocolate or a peeled clementine or two beside me. It feels like closing up a shop for the season. A way of revisiting the year and remembering all that has happened. It was a hell of a year and it's not done yet – but I think we can all agree, we're all done with it.

No promises but I may make this available as either a downloadable PDF or ePub in the near future. If I do, I'll make a real effort to fix all the weird typos and grammatical errors that are driving me nuts!

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