Friday, July 22, 2016

Hot Town 

Today it’s expected the mercury will hover around 35°C with the humidex values feeling more like between 40°C - 45°C which has triggered a heat alert. Basically, avoid being outside if you don’t have to be. This is of course almost impossible. I’m lucky enough to work in a modern air conditioned building near one of the world’s greatest natural air conditioners - Lake Ontario. Riding in this morning felt like a late afternoon heat. Maybe “end of days” heat might be more accurate. I’m already feeling every bit the asthmatic I am so I will avoid exercise (easy, I’ve been avoiding it for years), and unfortunately, due to a persistent sore throat I won’t really be able to go the pool either. The options may be running out but luckily there are at least three or four movies I plan to see this weekend and again, there is the Lake. Even with crazy high humidity, the air off the Lake is incredible and there are a few pleasant Lake-facing parks to hang out beneath the shade of a tree or two. Last week when the house was lingering in the mid-30’s I took my time going home and spent some time in a couple of Toronto’s newer waterfront parks. I expect I’ll be doing more of that this weekend. The odd thing about it being so hot is how much like a winter snowstorm it can be. You just can’t do the things you planned on because everything comes to a crawl. Did you plan on working in the garden? Don’t. Were you going to meet some friends at a funky new pizza place with a wood-fired oven? Don’t. Planning on a long run or bike ride. Do not do that. The symmetry from last winter is also eery. The Saturday in February when I was without power, the temperature was -40°C which is 80°C cooler than today. To paraphrase James Murphy, if you're worried about the weather, then you picked the wrong place to stay.

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