Friday, December 04, 2009

I've Got That East Coast Uneasy Feeling

Gathered around the laptop for an old fashioned video chat.

I woke this morning to a pretty dusting of snow which quickly turned to cold, cold rain. Despite a lot of groaning from the male side of the table, Mom wanted the Christmas lights up. Her reasoning was sound – the weather isn't going to get any warmer.

Welcome to December on the Rock. Visiting St. John's for Dad's birthday has reminded me why I don't travel in December. In the Northern hemisphere it is simply unlikely to have clear weather to fly on any chosen day. Thus planning a trip is pointless. In fact, I don't understand why anyone flies to Eastern Canada between December and March. Shut it down. Make a call instead. Or better yet a video chat. I set one up on the night of Dad's birthday supper to talk to Mike who was about 700 KM away. Like being there except… well, you can't stop some participants from just mugging for the camera. In fact, I'm pretty sure Sarah and Mitchel didn't even notice Mike on the other side for all the posing they were doing.

Still I'm glad Mike got to see everyone enjoying Dad's birthday and I'm glad I got a picture of it.

Eventually, after searching high and low for extension cords and a police visit after tripping of the house alarm, we did get the lights up, and tonight I finished my Christmas shopping the virtual way. So you'd think I'd be all over the Christmas spirit. Not so much. While Amazon reminded me that there are definitely some virtual things that beat the real ones you do lose something. Kind of like the video chat, it doesn't quite add up to the real thing. Though on the other hand, I can shop with a glass of Scotch in my hand which is something you can't do at the Eaton Centre.

NOTE: Did I mention Sunday's forecast? 15-20cm of snow, just when I'm supposed to be flying out. Keep the Scotch close by.

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