Sunday, June 07, 2009

Seen In May

1st- Waltz with Bashir
5th- 400 Blows
15th - Encounters at the End of the World
16th - Adventureland
18th - Star Trek
25th - the Defiant Ones
30th - Defiance

You'd think that May would be a good movie month but not so much. I think what's becoming clear is that December and January are the months that I hibernate in movie watching while with better weather comes things like exercise (imagine) and doing stuff in the garden. The only "trends" this month were two films about Jews that fight and the people that love them (Waltz With Bashir and Defiance are two sides of Jewish conflict) and films about "escape". 400 Blows and The Defiant Ones are about actually escaping internment while Adventureland is about escaping your family and fate (400 Blows shares that too), and Encounters At The End of The World is about escaping civilzation (maybe that's a stretch). Of course, Star Trek is just pure escapism.



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