Thursday, May 07, 2009

Seen in April

3 - Gran Torino
18 - Saxondale
19 - Appaloosa
Season 1 & 2, 30 Rock
25 - What Just Happened
28 - Bringing Up Baby

Sheesh. Not much seen last month. Probably has something to do with watching two seasons of 30 Rock, one half season of Saxondale, playoff hockey and going out to see a play instead of a movie.

One strange side effect of using Twitter has been that I've noticed how much other people go out. They have something to tweet about whereas I could really only say "on couch", "sitting on sofa" - not really very interesting. So I thought I have no reason not to go somewhere other than my own inertia.

This week I've decided not to turn down an oppotunity unless I actually have something else to do. After seeing two films, and a book launch, I'm already pooped. Not sure how long I can keep up being social just for appearances.

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