Thursday, December 13, 2007

better times
Should you really go to jail for being a rich, arrogant jerk? Of course not. For six million dollars worth of fraud? Indubitably. With Conrad Black getting the sort of comeuppance one might expect from The Magnificent Ambersons, we can finally take in a deep breath of chilly winter air and feel confidently self-righteous. Or can we?

Yes. Yes we can. Actually, Lord Blackbottom isn't really as hateful as Barbara Amiel. I grew up reading her worthless column in Maclean's (How do you get a column in a national publication? The Globe and Mail apparently hands them out with Honest Ed's frozen turkeys). I still remember just how both Amiel and Black gloated from London when British Tories won what turned out to be their last election of the 20th century, saying how Canada could learn the value of Conservatism or some such crap. Well, rich gloating toadies, the tide has turned. I hope the orange jumpsuit is itchy and Russell Oliver dupes Babs out of her bling. See what burning your bridges (and then trying to douse the flames by pissing on them) gets you?

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