Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Freeze Dried 

image via the New Yorker

It’s been a weird March right? Remember that whole eclipse, vernal equinox and super moon day thing? In like a lamb, out like a lion? More like in like a frozen bag of rocks, out like a frozen bag of rocks that fell on you from a considerable height. I've wondered if I'm the only person experiencing a disconnect between the weather and our point around the sun. Here we are in late March and in Toronto we had an extreme cold weather alert Saturday morning which was later canceled because the temperature went above -16°C. By noon it was up to -12°C, maybe in the sun. That was March 28 . If ever there was a time to exclaim WTF this is it (there are probably other times too).

The strangest thing has been how I feel that intuitively, my body knows that this situation is not right. I always think that the reptilian part of our brains knows from the angle of the sun the time of day, where we are on the planet, and where the planet is in the universe. I don't mean in a precise way, just in a sort of general way. Like when you've overslept and awake knowing it's too bright for the time it should be or how you may have a moment of thinking you have to go to work then realize with some certainty that it is, in fact, Saturday. The sun being where it is and as strong as it has been makes no sense. How is it so incredibly cold. Maybe it would make sense in Nunavut or I don't know Helsinki but not here. That's why when I had lunch at Fusaro’s, I picked a seat by the window heated by the afternoon sun so I could pretend Spring was here and not a thousand miles to the south.

But there was no fooling myself. It was still freezing cold and it was still March. It was especially cold on the bike. At least it’s been dry. It’s okay if it’s freezing because it’s a dry freeze. Nope that doesn’t make it any better.

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