Friday, February 21, 2014

Hashtag: PriceisRight 

Jamie Benn tips a pass into history - GIF via Deadspin

Canada hasn't necessarily been a scoring juggernaut during these games, having scored only 3 against Norway, 2 against Finland, and most frighteningly, only 2 against Latvia. Compared to the fast flowing and scoring Yanks, our guys appeared a little constipated in the goal-flow column of the scoresheet. But they've been stingy too and they outplayed the Americans for most of the game and kept them at the doorstep. A few of us in this office gathered in the conference room (with our laptops just in case some work was required) and tensely enjoyed the game to the bitter end, knowing one shot could sink us or lift us. Thus it was, that one goal was enough to reach our one goal – the gold medal game. That's been the big difference in this Team Canada from other Olympics squads. In the past we've had teams that have struggled to score and lost by trying and pushing too hard to get to the other team's net rather than minding our own.

What was dread is now hope and the Swedes look beatable instead of formidable. It should be another high paced, action-packed game on Sunday. I thought about titling this post, "Benn there, done that." but it sounded like a horrible Ron MacLean-esque pun so I went with more a comment on what a stalwart Carey Price has been and that the hashtag “Priceisright” was trending on Twitter (along with ”BEEROCLOCK”) after the game. Maybe we do put too much emphasis on hockey at the Olympics and maybe the Dutch put too much emphasis on speed skating and the Norwegians put too much emphasis on cross-country skiing but that's what we love about the Winter Games. Suddenly us smaller countries are on equal footing with countries like US, Russia, Germany or China. Sometimes, we get the better of them too.

I was going to put “Comeback Kid” as the track here, but what were they coming back from? Bitter Rivals makes more sense:

Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells on Grooveshark

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