Thursday, September 06, 2012


Not as reassuring as it should be.Pack ShotMr BrownGo Train to OshawaWaterfront TrailLakeshore Rd enroute to Brighton, ON
Picton ColaWaiting to board the Glenora FerryGlenora FerryGlenora FerryPhoto 3Ferry to Wolfe Island
KingstonFerryFerry to Wolfe Islandfrom the ferryFerry to Cape VincentPoint AlexandraFerry Schedule
Rosies Golden UnicornEntering Adirondack ParkSarnac Lake24 oz.Lake Placid FacadeRiver Valley

Over 800 kilometres of biking, 4 flat tires, 4 ferry crossings, at least 56 oz of steak, too many pints of beer and many, many bad puns. At some point my tongue was covered in blisters, my glands were swollen, my lips were sunburnt and the last indignity was a vicious charlie horse in the last 40 km headed to Montreal – our ultimo chilometro. I was la laterne rouge that day, no doubt, but it ended in a surreally shiny hotel where a valet stored our bikes as we took our dusty panniers to our room.

Best vacation in years. Bar none. Can't wait for the next one.

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