Thursday, October 14, 2004

I realized after posting those pictures that the video clips didn't load properly so I've re-posted them and added a BONUS video clip! That's right! View two, get a third free! That's just how much our customers mean to us!
Click here to see the first clip (description: Green house scene, butterflies flying by). I don't know if you've ever looked through catalogues of educational videos but they all have these basic descriptions. I know a guy, Jerry Bannister, who is now an associate professor of history at Dalhousie and winner of the John A. MacDonald Award for historical somethin' or other, who spent one summer working for a prof at M.U.N. writing such descriptions. He always said he wanted to slip some lewd or bawdy descriptions into the normally stale catalogue. Maybe I'll try to sex up these little clips to encourage your viewership.
Clip Two (description: Conservatory interior. Bucolic scene interupted when vicious butterfly attacks unsuspecting jacket.)
Bonus Clip!! (Description: Watch the sizzle, smell the tension, feel the heat, experience the vastness of a fifteen foot wide urban back yard! )

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